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Ever more companies realize that innovations are essential factors for their growth and success. But they often lack an innovation culture or plausible innovation strategies allowing them to systematically foster the creation of new products and services.
Cridon has developed four components for successful innovation management – DRIVE, DISCOVER, DESIGN & DELIVER and DISPLAY. They are customized to the demands of your company and adapted to your needs in a modular way by our experienced experts.


Define, develop and live your innovation culture


Activate your creative network and make the most of it

Design & Deliver

Develop customized new products & services


Analyze your data & your knowledge and use if effectively

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DRIVE — Define, develop and live your innovation culture

We help you recognize the particular strengths of your company, support you in defining and developing its innovation culture and in gradually reorienting your business towards efficient new developments. We help you detect new ideas, to structure them and to systematically transform them into products, services and processes that are in line with the demands of the markets.

Your advantage
With a clearly defined innovation culture which is shared by all involved, you lay the foundations for the continuous development of new ideas in your company. Your organization will shed its reluctance to change, and innovations will develop continuously.

Our offer
Analysis and recommendation: During the analysis stage, we examine the features of your company and deduce our recommendations for the development of a successful innovation culture from it.

Innovation strategy and architecture: Based on the DNA of your company, we will develop your innovation strategy (always taking into consideration the latest developments in product management, in the area of usability, or the innovative capability of different countries etc.). Together with you, we will define your company’s own innovation architecture consisting of processes, organizations, tools and key figures, and implement it in your company. (This can also occur in the form of a work shop. Our tool “InnovateYou” provides you with a first assessment of your innovation strategy in a few steps.)

Innovation culture: Your innovation culture is the breeding ground for future ideas. With the help of tried and tested methods, we will help you define your innovation culture, to pass it on to your employees and to live it every day.

Development and implementation of an innovation strategy for the European expansion of a service provider
Creation of major organization sectors for the development of new services at a major telecommunications company
An innovation architecture for eGovernment applications

DISCOVER — Activate your creative network and make the most of it

Use the know-how, knowledge and experience of your clients, suppliers and employees – nobody knows your company as well as they do! We assist you in uncovering this hidden treasure with the aid of various approaches (such as the use of innovation management software, the organisation of innovation summits, or by raising the awareness of clients through “friendly-user tests” etc.). Together with our experts, you will develop new ideas and solutions – by approaching challenges from a new perspective, which you would not have considered otherwise.
Alternatively, we can develop solutions for you – once we will have examined the details of a case, we will provide you with customized new solutions for your company.

Your advantage
Your creative network is the key for many innovations. It is here that valuable consumer insights can be gained and that new ideas for products and services are born. Processes can thus be improved, costs be reduced, new client groups can be accessed – and much more. And this process can be repeated continuously.

Our offers
Activating your creative network: By using the software for innovation and idea management or by organizing innovation summits, we improve the creativity of your networks and their interaction.
Understanding your clients, employees and competitors: We survey and analyze the particularities of your network, interview chosen target groups and thus discover new potential for innovations for you.

Development of a new beverage: The name of the new beverage „Illy Issimo“ by Illy and Coca-Cola was developed by a global network of experts from more than 20 different markets.

Development of new ideas for the telecommunications sector: By the integration of 140.000 employees, British Telecom developed 10.000 business ideas in a short period of time, leading to an increase in turnover of 118 million €.

Development of process optimizations in the energy sector: 1.300 employees of a leading global energy supplier developed 1.350 ideas for the improvement of internal processes to the value of 14 million €.

Development of cost-saving potential: Since 2007, the more than 10.000 employees of the largest Swiss private bank have developed cost-saving ideas to the value of 14 million €.

DESIGN & DELIVER — Develop customized new products & services

We support you in developing your innovations in clear, transparent processes, and in turning them into sustainable, well-functioning business projects: in the most diverse environments, whether it be a large-scale project or a rapid development, an incubation or an acquisition. In the process, we will respect the particularities of each specific environment.

Your advantage
Innovations, that come from within your own company and that make use of the know-how of your network, work, because they fit. And the investment in customized products and services pays off, because clients who feel understood will be content and loyal clients.

Our services
Development of the business model: We begin by developing a sustainable business model, because it determines the success of an innovation. In the process, we will monitor the market intensively and constantly, examine revenue generators and determine unique selling points.

Focus on a prototype: We will focus the innovation on the main business processes by using a prototype. Consumer satisfaction will be the overarching goal (“end-to-end” analysis based on different tests).

Development of the design: The four criteria for the goal-oriented development of new products and services are: Aesthetically attractive, feasible, useful and profitable.

Actual implementation: The implementation is guided by specific schedules of tasks, by the customized choice of a development method and of suppliers, and by a consistent project management.

Continuous testing: The performance assessment of an innovation is carried out by a series of well-coordinated tests in our “User Testing Center”, which are as close to reality as possible.

Development of an internet finance platform to establish contacts with financial advisors and creditors.

Implementation of large-scale projects: e. g. for E-Plus Group (development of the software design method and the change process, correction of critical technical problems) and for Saudi Telecom (Program management and management of technical development).

Concept of an online pick-up order system for Deutsche Post World Net.

DISPLAY — Analyze your data & your knowledge and use if effectively

Based on tried and tested as well as innovative methods, we help you analyze your data in a goal-oriented way, to use your knowledge efficiently and to implement the findings thus made with the help of customized algorithms. This is how we secure your long-term success.

Your advantage
Knowledge is power – and money. The efficient collection of the right data and the inclusion of the key knowledge carriers enable you to draw the right conclusions. Use your data and your knowledge to your advantage!

Our services
Data analysis: From a clear and concise analysis of your data (whether in small or large quantities) to a simple and easily comprehensible presentation of the main findings.

Making use of the company’s knowledge: Use your knowledge to understand what was, what is and what might be. We support you in choosing and implementing the suitable method for this process.

Establishment of algorithms: Often simple and purposeful algorithms are more reliable than our gut feeling. We support you in the development and application of these algorithms, thus enabling you to better assess the probability of success.

Analysis of the customer structure and identification of development potential for the online platform Immobilienscout 24.

Reorientation of the online marketing of a large online platform towards data-based efficiency for the online platform Immobilienscout 24.

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